Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What can English do for you?

English is a West Germanic language that was popularized by the British. It is one of the most popular languages of this world. This language is in great demand in Asia and some other parts of the world. I have outlined some points about the importance of English language:-
1-      It can help you in communicating with other communities in this world. English is a popular medium of communication for most of the communities in this world.
2-      It can help you get a good job and good English communication skills are in great demand.
3-      It can help you earn respect.
4-      Knowing an additional language apart from your mother tongue is always an advantage.
5-      English can help you to get admission in reputed colleges for further studies.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Common Nouns Vs Proper Nouns

Noun is the name of a person,place,animal or thing. Examples are - Sun,Moon,Rahul,William, George,New Jersey, Computer,Child etc.

Common Nouns
 Common Noun are words which refer to a group of people or things. Examples are Children, Students, Mobile, Car, Bats, etc.

Proper Nouns
 Proper Nouns refer to the name of specific people,places or things.Examples are Ram,Rohan,Dolly (refer to names), New Delhi,Kolkata, Ahmedabad (refer to name of cities), Samsung,Blackberry,LG (refer to name of things- mobile)

Hope you understood the differences between the two.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Digi Class- New Way of Learning


Digiclass provides multimedia-based interactive content for learning. It is a product of Pearson Education Services Pvt. Ltd. The tool is based on the Cognitive Learning Approach and includes audio visuals aids, games, rhymes and other activities.
Main Features
1- Comes with built in learning elements such as animations, diagrams, teaching materials, videos, 3D environment, worksheets etc.
2- Comes with a reporting dashboard for the students.
3- Contains a superior feature for group activity in the name of “Group Quiz”.
4- It comes with computer, projector, UPS and server.
5- Contains interactive speakers.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Study Phrases

An interesting way to learn English is by studying the phrases and not just by reading individual words. An added advantage that it provides is that you get to know extra meaning of the number of words used in the phrases and also your vocabulary is enhanced.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education
It is often said that education is the key to success. In the past, who could not attend school for various reasons do not have many options. That is, while continuing education programs became popular and opened. Today, training is similar to adult education, at least, is for adult learners. However, this is not usually considered include basic education as literacy, English language skills and programs such as vocational training or GED preparation. Instead, the phrase implies that we assume that the student already possesses educational and easy to keep. In Canada, the training includes enrollment in courses for college students / scholars tax credit, often part-time students enrolled.

Such a Canadian institution for Continuing education options for Centennial College, which has nearly 22,000 students 160 programs each year, which includes more than 1,200 courses and 97 percent student satisfaction. This curriculum is designed to help students improve their skills, take up their studies, go to a variety of interests, and allows them to seize new opportunities. In addition, the School of Continuing Education, Centennial College offers experienced instructors who understand the needs of adult learning and flexible teaching methods, learner-centered, practical life skills to put theory background and perspective; recognizes and respects both the level of maturity and experience for students effective teachers students ratio and the optimal size of classrooms, allowing interaction with relevant expertise .

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More admission in English medium schools in India

As time passes on, we are witnessing a tremendous change in the mindset of parents living in India. More and more parents are enabling English medium education for their children. They have come to know that English is a widely popular language and their children should be well versed in the language in order to gain stability in this highly competitive world. English medium schools, convent schools have all witnessed a rise in the number of students applying for admissions into these schools.

List of English Medium Schools in New Delhi

Sri Sathya Sai International School
St. Anthony'S Boys' Sec. School
St. Anthony'S Girls' Senior Secondary School
St. Jones Convent
St. Michael'S Sr. Sec. School
St. Thomas School
Delhi Public School

List of English Medium Schools in Mumbai

A .H. Wadia High School
Barretto High School
Bombay Cambridge School
Canossa High School
Don Bosco High School
Duruelo Convent High School
Holy Cross High School